At Martin Luther, hearing aid users can “tune in” directly to the service using their hearing aids’ telecoil setting (if equipped). In this way, hearing aid users receive the audio of the service in a way that is adjusted for their specific hearing needs. This is accomplished through the hearing loop installed in our church sanctuary.

Are you interested in learing more about hearing loops? Here are some steps you can take:

  • talk to your audiologist about whether your hearing aids are equipped for use in a hearing loop
  • give us at Martin Luther a call or send us an email with questions on hearing loops for churches
  • visit for more information on hearing loop installation
  • visit for more information on hearing loop technology

Our hearing loop users report being very satisfied with the experience, and being able to hear much better than they had using only their hearing aids’ microphone setting. Talk to your audiologist and then give our hearing loop a try, or ask about having a hearing loop installed where you live or worship.

Listing of all known hearing loops in Wisconsin