• Registration and Enrollment Forms

    Registration Commitment Form

    Complete the Registration Commitment Form for new and returning students each year. The registration deposit will be applied as a tuition payment if received by March 15.

    Emergency Contact Information

    Please turn in the Emergency Contact Information form by orientation day at the beginning of the school year, and also whenever your contact information changes. If children have different contact information, please fill out a separate form for each.

  • Medical Forms

    By law, school staff may only administer medication to a child (a) with a doctor’s written authorization, (b) according to the prescription or label directions, and (c) after completing state-mandated training. Several members of our staff are trained and may administer medication, but parents first need to bring a completed authorization form to our office or have their doctor’s office send us a completed form. Parents are free to administer medication themselves if needed; please come to the office.

    Asthma Inhaler Authorization

    Non-Prescription Authorization

    Prescription Authorization