The name of this organization shall be Friends For Christian Education.


  1. To join together in a Christian family organization to support Christian Education efforts at Martin Luther Church/School.
  2. To educate and encourage one another to greater faithfulness to God.
  3. To promote communication between teachers, parents, and the congregation.
  4. To conduct activities that will benefit every member of Martin Luther Church/School.
  5. To raise funds for projects this organization adopts to accomplish where there are no funds in the regular church/school budget; or to augment what has been budgeted.  All such efforts to raise funds are subject to Servant Leadership Board approval.
  6. Responsible to the Youth Discipleship Committee thru submission of minutes to the YDC Chairman.


  1.  General membership shall include:
    1. All communicant members of Martin Luther congregation.
    2. Teachers of Martin Luther School.
    3. Members of other WELS congregations who have children enrolled in Martin Luther School.
    4. Members of any congregations in fellowship with WELS who have children enrolled in Martin Luther School.
  2. Associate membership shall include parents with children attending Martin Luther School who are not members of WELS congregations or in fellowship with the WELS. Associate members have the right to vote but cannot hold office.


  1. GENERAL: This organization shall have a President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.  All officers shall be 18 years of age or older and in good standing with the church.  Officers will begin serving in August and shall serve for one (1) year.  No officer shall hold the same office for more than two years.
  2. PRESIDENT: The President will preside over all meetings.
  3. VICE PRESIDENT: The Vice President will hold office for two (2) years, the first year as Vice President and the second as President.  The Vice President will be chiefly responsible to draft an agenda of events for the entire school year, with input from the other officers.
  4. SECRETARY/TREASURER: The Secretary/Treasurer shall record all business meetings, maintain organizational record books and shall report quarterly, to the congregation on the activities of the organization in the church newsletter.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall maintain all financial records and report financial activity to the organization.
  5. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: The officers of the organization, Pastors, teachers and Principal of Martin Luther School shall constitute the Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the general management of the organization.  The Executive Committee may create committees in addition to any standing committees.  The Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the President, either formally or informally.


This organization will meet during the months of September through June.  Meetings will observe all proper rules of parliamentary procedure.

  1. Business Meetings: Business meeting of this organization will be held between 4 to 5 times during the school year on any evening scheduled by the Executive Committee.  Business meeting shall consist of a topic for the evening and reports for the faculty.  At the May meeting we shall elect a Secretary/Treasurer and a Vice President.  Election shall be done by simple majority of those present.  Meetings shall not last longer than 2 hours.  Refreshments may be served prior to the start of the meetings.
  2. Events/Activities: Events/Activities will be held at such times and places as may be set by the Executive Committee but the Executive Committee is encouraged to hold at least 4 to 5 Events/Activities during the school year.
  3. Free-Will Offering: Support for the activities of this organization may consist of free-will offerings gathered at its meetings, plus proceeds from other programs and activities.