Register to send prayer requests or receive prayer chain notifications

In seeking ways to provide and support the spiritual care of our members, our congregation’s Soul Care committee invites you to participate in a trial period for a new prayer chain, where members can make prayer requests and then in turn offer prayers according to the requests received from others. We are used to turning to God when we need something, but a prayer chain is an opportunity to also pray for someone else’s needs. That may be for our fellow believers here at Martin Luther of for people whom we do not personally know.

The new prayer chain will operate primarily through a private website and by email. To receive prayer requests online, you will need to sign up at the link given above or below. We are calling this a “trial period” because we are inviting members the congregation to become involved and see how this format will work.

As background information, for years our congregation had a group of ladies whose purpose was devoted to offering up prayers for others. The group was called the Prayer Chain. With the pastors’ guidance, the group offered up prayer requests from members of the congregation. They asked God to use his power and strength to grant blessings according to his will, and rejoiced to see the results of prayer. That prayer chain group disbanded a few years ago due to old age, which is why we are seeking to start a different kind of group at this time.

Guidelines for the new prayer chain:

  • We expect that God will answer prayer according to his will and for his glory. Therefore we submit ourselves to God’s will in prayer and seek his glory. We seek to glorify God, not ourselves, in prayer. We praise God for the answers he gives to prayer.
  • Any member may submit a prayer request online, through the office, or through the pastors. The pastors may also ask people whom they visit if they would like a prayer request to be included in the prayer chain.
  • Prayer requests will be reviewed by the pastors or by a trained member of the Soul Care committee before being sent out to the prayer chain. Prayer requests may be edited for content, clarity, or confidentiality.
  • The prayer chain website features an “anonymous” option, but we suggest that instead of using this option, or in addition to it, a member contact one of the pastors so that they are aware of who is making the request in case further information is needed.
  • Prayer requests will be sent to the prayer chain by email as requests are received and approved. The office will place a printed list of prayer requests in the narthex for those who would like to be part of the prayer chain but who do not have access to email.
  • All members of the congregation are invited to join the prayer chain and make the prayer requests that they receive part of their daily prayers.

To sign up for the prayer chain online, please register today.